On the technical side the majority of people today use the left side of their brain most of the time and with instant access to information via technology hardly ever make use of the right side of the brain - the creative side.

Our workshops aim to expand creative awareness and no, you don't have to be an artist, musician or a poet. Again its about balance, the logical side is over-used and the creative side under-used.

The art workshops are to allow imagination to come into play - through the use of imagery, form, colour - using paints, pastels, crayons and other art media. Not art classes but rather play classes, working individually or as a group on any creation.

Its about self-expression through a wonderful medium that has no restrictions or rules.


To create a harmonious environment amongst colleagues in the workplace can be a real challenge so to hold teambuilding events outside the workplace in a fresh and natural environment can be highly beneficial to individual employees and to them working together as a team.

Along with our abovementioned workshops we also include many outdoor activities and games. It is after all so important to relax and have FUN with those you work with.
After all most of you spend more time with your work colleagues than with family and friends so its vital that along with efficiency and motivation in the workplace, you are able to connect and communicate on a constructive and harmonious level.

We can host team building events for the smaller corporations.


A centuries old instrument the drum (in all its forms) resonates with the vibrations and sounds of the earth, connecting us with the rhythm of our heartbeats.

The simple joy that a child gets from beating on a toy drum is lost to us as we get older and more controlled. We introduce it as part of our workshops for that same reason - pure and simple joy.

To sit, as an individual, in a group as part of a team each person drumming their own personal beat in harmony with each other creates a wonderful sense of togetherness and connectivity without the use of speech.


This is a biggie! We all know how devastatingly high the divorce rate is!

Our workshops are designed to help couples connect or re-connect, whether they are just needing time away from everyday sameness/ stressful lives or desperately needing together time.

There are no distractions and no excuses (as in I'm in a meeting!) at Satori. Spend time with other couples at the workshops but also experience time alone as a couple walking in the indigenous forest or on the banks of the river OR for the more energetic there are the beautiful mountains to explore.

And you can also just find a quiet spot (of which there are plenty) to sit and relax and connect with each other and with nature. Never under-estimate nature and its calming effect.



Another biggie!

This can't be avoided unfortunately - the widening gap between so many parents and their teens due again to so much including cellphones, the internet, busy school and work schedules. Its hard to find the time to connect, never mind communicate!

Don't you sometimes just miss 'BEING' together. Its not just about how well they're doing at school or how good they are at sport. Are they really happy, content ( even with the avalanche of teen hormones!).

And this for you teenagers. Are your parents often unavailable to you, especially when you really need them and do you miss their company and, no I'm not joking! Its so important to have honest communication with parents, siblings and friends in a natural environment. And to also just have fun.


(designed specifically for parent-child, couples and work colleagues) althought most of us can benefit.

Again, although the world is now more connected than ever with increasingly updated technology, the irony is that people actually communicate less and less on any meaningful level. And even with all this easy access to "communication" people have less time to actually sit and really communicate - to listen - to each other.

How often do you, if you are a parent, actually spend REAL time with your children, sharing ideas, thoughts - and again, the same with your partner, family or friends.

Our communication workshops encourage people to really TALK with each other without the interruptions of cellphones, and to really LISTEN.

In itself true and honest communication is itself an artform.


We incorporate the art, music and communication workshops in these workshops for women. Many women find it harder and harder to balance their lives and to connect with themselves and other women.

We encourage others / daughters / friends / wives to participate in these workshops, to relax and have fun. So gather a group together and instead of a shopping trip come and enjoy a unique experience.

And for those women who are having emotional setbacks or suffering from stress you can be assured that you will enjoy so many benefits from a stay at Satori.


The pressures on men are enormous. Whether as a breadwinner, business exec or indeed, homemaker, men just really have to get on with it.

Don't moan, don't cry, don't rant and rave - just do it! Be a man! How many times do you hear this.

And so we offer workshops for men willing to go that extra mile - with themselves, their partners, children or work colleagues - to be able to relax, have fun and shed some of their responsibilities. Take a chance to be yourself - it really is worth it!



Learn this wonderful method of building. Ideal for insulation for heat/cold and noise.

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